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Have you written a book and want to get it published to sell, either digitally as an ebook or in print? We can help you each step of the way, including cover design, typesetting (interior layout and design) for PDF or print books, and ad design. If you’d like to submit your project, you can fill out a project questionnaire.

Please note that we do not work with all genres. For example, erotica, occult, and books with explicit content will not be accepted for consideration. We reserve the right to accept projects on a case-by-case basis.

Cover design
Custom Book Cover DesignIt’s true that people judge books by their covers, so if you’re selling your book, whether it’s an ebook or printed, it’s important to make sure the cover is designed well.

We provide final files in the correct file formats to meet the specifications for your chosen distributors (, Barnes and Noble, Apple’s iBookstore, etc.). Each custom cover design also includes three 3d versions of your book cover that you can use for advertising.

View a sample of our custom book covers.

Starts at $600 for ebook covers (front cover only) and $700 for print covers (front, spine, and back cover). All cover designs also include three 3d versions of your book cover.

Typesetting (Interior layout and design)
Custom PDF Layout and DesignWe can create a well-organized and beautiful PDF from your manuscript, no matter the length. If you are self-publishing and are planning to have your book printed (such as with Amazon’s CreateSpace) we can also typeset your manuscript for print.

Starts at $375 minimum. All projects are quoted on an individual basis after review of your manuscript.

Ad graphics for your book
We can design coordinating ad graphics to use as advertising for your book.

Starts at $80 per graphic.

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