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Pre-Designed Book Covers

Pre-Designed Book CoversWant a less-expensive option than a custom book cover design? Pre-designed covers might be just your solution.

Pre-designed covers will be customized with your own title and author name. And even though the book cover design are pre-designed, they are still completely unique; we only sell each individual cover design to one client. That means once you purchase a pre-designed book cover, it will not be sold to anyone else.

View our current selection below. If you see one that would fit your book, submit the questionnaire below.

Click on an image thumbnail below to view a larger version.


  • 003-bullet

  • 004-butterfly

  • 005-temple

  • 007-forbidden city

  • 008-knight

  • 009-target

  • 010-pawn

  • 011-retro

  • 012-rocker

  • 013-sci-fi

  • 015-beach

  • 016-scrapbook

  • 017-chalkboard

  • 018-bowler hat

  • 019-aurora

  • 020-polaroid

  • 021-cherry blossoms

  • 022-dragon

  • 023-blue tab

  • 024-power

  • 025-wanted

  • 026-poker

  • 028-highway

  • 029-flame*

  • 030-muskets

  • 031-rocket

*image credit african_fi

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